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New Orleans residents urged to limit water use as city-wide power outage hits sewer pumping stations

The Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans says the Parish-wide power outage is affecting its ability to operate its sewer pumping stations.

“Currently there is no backup power to operate any of those that were impacted,” the Board said in a statement to CNN. “We are assessing how many of the 84 stations are impacted but the number may be very significant.”

New Orleans residents need to begin limiting water usage at home, “in order to prevent sewage backups.

The board said they have obtained backup power for some of the stations, but they can only mobilize them, “when it is safe to traverse the city.” 

Currently, the Board said they are mustering all of their self-generated power sources to continue operating their stormwater draining, and drinking water pumping, operations.

“Although we have lost all Entergy power, our teams are working quickly and decisively to make up for this with our self-generated power sources,” the statement said. “The Entergy loss of power is a significant loss of power for our 60 hz pumps and the 25 hz pumps we power through the frequency changers, but we are using our self-generated sources of power to drain stormwater and pump drinking water into the city.”

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