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Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection

You’ve Reached This Page In Error

Sorry, we are unable to reach the page you were trying to access. It appears that the link you clicked on is missing some key information. The link may have been broken because the message has been modified, forwarded, or otherwise changed from its original form.

Your organization has enabled this technology to protect you, your system, and the organization from harmful material such as:

  • Credential Theft: A page may be designed to look like a valid financial institution, a well-known organization, or an otherwise trusted source. The page is requesting a login and/or password for malicious purposes.
  • Malware: A page may contain files or other malicious material which are intended to harm your system or organization. The malicious material may contain a virus, an installation program, or it may expose a vulnerability in a program which exists on your system.

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